The Detection of Pronunciation Errors in English Speaking Skills Based on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Pronunciation, English speaking Skills, AI, ELSA Application


  • Ayu Indari STKIP Budidaya Binjai


Pronunciation has close relationship to the speaking skill, one of the main skill learning in English. One of the AI applications to help students to learn and to measure the students’ the pronunciation is ELSA (English Language Speech Assistant). The problem of the study were: What is the pronunciation error in English speaking skills based on Android app ELSA as early detection? And How does Android app ELSA work early detection pronunciation error in English speaking skills?. The aims of this study were to detect pronunciation errors in speaking skills using ELSA application and the results have a big contribution in pronunciation strategy in teaching English speaking skills. The method of this study was qualitative content analysis. The subject of the study were 10 students in STKIP Budidaya Binjai in English Department. The finding of this study was detected by intonation, fluency, and pronunciation. It was varied from all participants based on their ability in English pronunciation. In detail pronunciation error categorize into several aspect evaluation such as TH Sounds, Nasals, Schwa, Consonant Clusters, Diphthongs, R Sounds, Ending Sounds, Intonation and many more. All of the categorization displays in the percentage system.

Author Biography

Ayu Indari, STKIP Budidaya Binjai

English Department



2023-10-30 — Updated on 2023-11-08