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effectiveness, SQ4R Method, articles


Based on the general problems faced by students are lack of interest, lack of understanding of the content and messages of the text they read. It is often found that language teaching, especially in the reading aspect, is less effective. Increasing students' interest and reading ability requires solutions in the form of innovative and creative teaching methods. One teaching method that is considered appropriate in improving students' reading comprehension skills is the SQ4R method (Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review, and Reflect). Applying this method, students are expected to be more active in class during lessons because this method is very suitable for learning to read. The problem in this research is the ability to summarize the contents of articles using the SQ4R learning method for class VIII students at SMP Negeri 4 Pagar Alam. This aims to describe students' abilities using the SQ4R learning method. This method provides benefits for providing knowledge or insight for scientific development, especially in the field of language in learning and increasing students' interest and ability in reading. The research population consisted of 50 students divided into 2 classes. The learning method uses SQ4R as the independent variable or variable Data collection techniques are observation, interviews, tests. Based on data analysis from a control class of 25 studeints, thei higheist scorei was only 80 obtaineid by 3 peioplei and thei loweist scorei was 55 obtaineid by 2 peioplei. Thei reisults of thei distribution and peirceintagei of leiarning compleiteineiss, thei ability to concludei thei conteint of articleis in thei control class, only 8 studeints got a scorei of >70, 32%, and 17 studeints got a scorei of <70, 68%. Meianwhilei, analysis of data from thei eixpeirimeintal class of 25 studeints showeid that thei higheist scorei was 95 obtaineid by 5 studeints and thei loweist scorei was 60 obtaineid by 2 studeints. Thei reisults of thei distribution and peirceintagei of leiarning compleiteineiss, thei ability to concludei thei conteints of thei articlei in thei control class, weirei 88% who obtaineid compleiteineiss with a scorei of >70, 88% and 3 studeints who obtaineid a scorei of <70, 12%. This shows that thei ability to concludei thei conteints of thei studeint's articlei is capablei. For this reiason, it can bei stateid that using thei SQ4R meithod is morei eiffeictivei beicausei it is baseid on thei criteiria seit at 85%.


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